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Brasilia 1967

Presbyterian Missionary  forms 1st Brasilian Presidential Prayer Lunch
The date was November 29, 1967 when leaders of the Brasilian government came together for the first presidential prayer lunch. The format was very similar to the yearly presidential prayer breakfast held in the United States of America.  The President of the Republic, Senators, Congressmen (deputados), and religious leaders attended this historic meeting.
The event came together under the direction of then Presbyterian missionary David Wayne Smith working with International Christian Leadership. His goal was to bring believers of all faiths together. The most predominant faith in Brasil is Roman Catholic but all religious beliefs were able to come together for a time of prayer and fellowship. This presidential lunch took place while the country was under military rule. The event was far reaching and many of the government leaders that attended continued the tradition in the future.
On the next 3 web pages are historic photographs of the event as it took place. Pictured in the photographs are men named Artur da Costa e Silva, Guido Mondin, Yukishigue Tamura,  Levy Tavares, David Wayne Smith,  Daso Ciombra, Leao Sampaio, Lauro Cruz, Geraldo Freire, and many others that were among those attending.
One month before, a delegation visited Rome and met with Dom. Amleto Cicognani, Richard Haverlson, Gustav-Adolf Gedat, Jim Bell, Douglas Coe, Francois Dausset, and other influential leaders.


The Brasilian Congress 1963

The Brasilian National Cathedral 1966

Brasilia 1966

Brasilian Congress 1967

Closeup of Congress 1966

Congressional Sentinel 1966

Clothespin - Brasilia 1966

Brasilia 1966

Palacio Alvorada 1967

President, Senators, Congressmen, Leaders 1967

Cardinal Cicognani and Brasilian Delegation Oct 1967

The President and Senator Guido Mondin 1967

Unknown Leaders *please e-mail me if you know them* Gen. Jayme Portella

The President (left) Senator Guido Mondi (right) Man in center unknown, please e-mail me

Mr. Yukishigue Tamura

Highway W3 in Brasilia and Casa De Barata store - 1965

Brasilian National Anthem
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